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Messy pooches

My cavaliers are very fun loving and playful dogs. They love their toys! Anything they can chew on really. This means there is constantly a mess from all their stuffed animals and other various toys all over the place...

It drives me MAD. I am so happy they are happy and playful, but I dislike the constant need to vacuum all the time. I mean like everyday and sometimes twice a day. Who has time for that? I don't with a full-time job and a house with three kids. Somebody is constantly making a mess around here.

I wish I had chose my pups toys more wisely in the beginning. They each have their favorite toy but none of those last very long. Then in the matter of a day they have created a hole in a stuffed animal. This means there is stuffing from inside this toy all over the carpet, their kennel, the kitchen, you name it and I can most likely find stuffing there.

I am not great at taking their favorite toys away either. Once they find the stuffing, it is a game for them to get every ounce of stuffing out! Who am I to take away their fun?

It has me thinking.... maybe I should start thinking about what toys I am buying for them to eliminate this problem and not ruin their fun. There are great toys out there. When I finally stopped getting my dogs stuffed animals, I started looking for longer lasting fun for them.

Ropes have been great so far. They love them too. I still have a few straggling stuffed animals laying around but the mess has gone down so much!

Since you have taken the time to read my story I would love to leave you with this note. I made the mistake as you can see but giving your dog stuffed animals with poly-fil stuffing is very dangerous. As well as rawhides, do NOT give your dogs rawhides! Please do your research on what is good for your pet to play with and make sure you supervise your pet even if it states it is safe. They are like babies and toddlers, they can always find themselves getting into trouble.

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